Whole Tone Opera

La Zombiata: A Zombie Love Story

February 9—14, 2018
The Rockwell

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From Whole Tone Opera

Valentines Weekend 2018 a new day is dawning for the undead in the form of a fresh iteration of La Zombiata: A Zombie Love Story, taking place at WholeTone Opera's usual haunt, The Rockwell in Davis Sq. February 9th, 10th, 11th & 14th join us to be immersed in a romantic dystopian comedy filled with brain noshing, ballroom dancing zombies! Our story begins in a Parisian penthouse infested by an undead horde lead by Xenobia, huntress of humans. As the minions mingle at a bloody soiree, romantically inclined Christolpho meets the ravenous-yet-rapturous Philonia. Suddenly, all-too-human emotions come into play, leading to chaos, comedy, and a splash-zone worthy chainsaw massacre.

VIP Splash Zone seats are available every night, including a poncho to catch the gentle rain of glowing blood as it spurts from the hearts of our love-lorn zombies. Friday and Saturday nights the horde will host a rousing drinking game, toasting to brains, love, and more brains!


  • $28–$52


The Rockwell
255 Elm Street, Somerville