Walpole Footlighters

Adrfit in Macao

May 3—19, 2019
Footlighters Playhouse

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What do you get when you cross The Thin Man with The Road to Bali? You get a cross between a film noir drama and an exotic destination musical comedy, something exactly like Adrift in Macao, the musical that closes the Walpole Footlighters 2018-2019 season of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem.

Adrift in Macao is a loving parody of film noir movies set in 1952 Macao, China. The book by Christopher Durang and the music by Peter Melnick tells the story of Lureena and Corinna, two curvaceous singers battling for one job at Rick’s Night Club in Macao. Both singers try to help Mitch, who is on the run to avoid being framed for a murder in America by the mysterious international super-villain McGuffin. Both singers also try to avoid the amorous advances of nightclub owner Rick Shaw. And then there’s Tempura, technically Rick’s employee, but someone who is seemingly everywhere and knows everything that happens in Macao. Does he really want to help everyone, or is he really just in it for himself?

Director Jonah Ledoux is leading his first production for the Walpole Footlighters. Jonah says, “Adrift in Macao is the kind of show where you’ll ask yourself, “Did they just say that?” while simultaneously tapping your foot to the music while simultaneously enjoying the ridiculous, hilarious nostalgia.”


Footlighters Playhouse
2 Scout Road, Walpole

Dan Busler Photography