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Detox/Retox: the AcousticaElectronica Yoga Mashup

April 6, 2018, 8:30 PM

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Flow out your weekday worries, and then rocket-launch your weekend with this one-of-a-kind show!


Find your zen, and then get your groove on! Ignite all your senses at Detox/Retox: the AcousticaElectronica Yoga Mash Up! At Detox/Retox we give you an amazing and centering yoga practice, followed by the immersive show/dance party adventure that is AcousticaElectronica. Remember to bring your own yoga mat!

AcousticaElectronica sets its tale in the world of art's past, resurrecting its most intriguing ghosts and planting them here — in this new future. Dorian Gray, Carmen, Pierrot Lunaire, Odette the Swan, and the Conductor all travel through time, struggling to discover who they were and what they are to become. This show blends elements of electronic and classical music, dance, circus arts, and immersive theater with the infectious energy of a nightclub to bring you an evening you won't encounter anywhere else.

Attire: Sexy & Flexy, Fun, Athletic, glitter, neon, go crazy! At AcousticaElectronica, we have no pompus dress code, so wear what let's you get your zen and dance party on. There are bathrooms if you wish to change and coat check if you need to check a bag.

8:30–9:30pm: Yoga
10:00pm–Midnight: AcousticaElectronica


  • $35 General admission

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2 Arrow Street, Cambridge