Thought Mixing Bowl

Discussion for Creatives

July 23, 2016, 5:00 PM
The Democracy Center

A fabulous opportunity to get together with other creatives.

Official Description

Are you a creative trying to make a living and make a difference with your creative work in the Greater Boston area? This event is to get creators from all different fields together to:

1. Discuss the Greater Boston area creative scene. Do you think it is supportive? Do you think there is enough cross-pollination between fields? What would you like to see happen in the area's creative scene?
I'm looking to build (or join if it exists) a strong Boston cross-disciplinary creative movement. I've spoken to too many creatives saying that Boston isn't a super connected and supportive artistic/creative community. Likewise, I've spoken with a ton of creatives in other cities that gush about the strength of the creative community in their city. Maybe that perception of Boston is wrong. If it is, please come and share the reality. If not, how can we build a better, more connected, more supportive community? I think it starts with a conversation.

2. Make connections and ask questions. What are you struggling with in terms of your creative career? How could you help someone else's creative career?
Talking to people from different creative fields can open your eyes to new ideas. There are also more similarities to talk about than might appear on the surface. Let's share our stories and help one another. For my website and podcast I've talked to designers, artists, filmmakers, paper makers, quilters, painters, illustrators, playwrights, architects, musicians, teachers, photographers, writers, DJs, curators, furniture makers, entrepreneurs, you name it. If you're creative, let's get together.


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The Democracy Center
45 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge