The Gamm Theatre

Escaped Alone

February 28—March 17, 2019
The Gamm Theatre

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Over a summer of afternoons in a suburban backyard, four 70-something women chat amiably about topics big and small: grandchildren and lost keys, insomnia and a crippling fear of cats, chemical leaks and famine. By turns hilarious and unsettling, Churchill’s newest play explores the solace of community amid everyday fear and looming catastrophe. Don’t miss what The Observer calls “an intricate, elliptical, acutely female view of the apocalypse” by one of Britain’s most innovative living playwrights.

"This is Churchill at her best." The Guardian

"Infused with humor, warmth and precise observation." The Independent (UK)

"You may find a new bounce in your step as you leave." New York Times


The Gamm Theatre
1245 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick

Peter Goldberg