Society for Historically Informed Performance

The Clarinet Collaboration

July 14, 2016, 8:00 PM
First Lutheran Church

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A fabulous evening of chamber music for clarinet.

Official Description

The clarinet was the last of the woodwind instruments to join the orchestra as a permanent member and thus the last woodwind instrument to come into its own as a solo and chamber music participant. Virtuoso clarinetist Thomas Carroll showcases the ease with which this instrumental newcomer found a home in chamber music. The broad lyricism of Mozart's Quartet K.378 contrasts with the raw virtuosity of Crusell's Quartet in Eb Major, and Vanhal's Bb Major Trio presents the clarinet as an equal to the violin. Demonstrating the ability of the clarinet to both complement and rise above the string sound, this program foreshadow the works of Weber and Brahms to come.

Thomas Carroll (clarinet), Go Yamamoto (violin), Zoe Kemmerling (viola), & Denise Fan (violoncello)


  • $20 General admission


First Lutheran Church
299 Berkeley Street, Boston