Society for Historically Informed Performance

Music from Court and College: A Musick Meeting from Oxford

July 7, 2016, 8:00 PM
First Lutheran Church

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Musick makes the people come together.

Official Description

In the 1640s, the city of Oxford hosted the royal court - and its musical establishment—as tensions between king and parliament became too great for Charles to remain in London. Twenty years later, after stability and the monarchy were restored, Oxford was once again a musical center. The school of music hosted regular meetings where a mixed group of professional and highly skilled amateur musicians met to play the intricate and exciting new music by luminaries such as Christopher Gibbons, Christopher Simpson, and Matthew Locke. This musick meeting explores both of these Oxfordian styles—the airs and dances for royal entertainment, and the abstract works of the university players.

Chelsey Belt (violin), Karen Burciaga (treble viol & violin), Nathaniel Cox (theorbo), Shirley Hunt (bass viol), Alastair Thompson (organ), & James Williamson (bass viol & cello)


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First Lutheran Church
299 Berkeley Street, Boston