Salem State Center for Creative and Performing arts

Top Girls by Caryl Churchill

November 21—December 8, 2019
Sophia Gordon Ctr for Creative and Performing Arts

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When Top Girls first debuted it was a groundbreaking feminist play, winning an Obie Award in 1983. Thirty seven years later playwright Caryl Churchill’s work still resonates relevance as gender stereotypes and inequities have not vanished. Society still expects females to be selfless caretakers who sacrifice their own goals, desires, and ambitions for the greater good of others. The public square is filled with voices clamoring to regulate a women’s personal choices about her body, motherhood, relationships, and vocation. The play opens as Marlene, having just received a promotion at work, throws herself a surreal and celebratory dinner party. In attendance are a cacophony of deceased female heroines come to wish her well, sharing their own stories of success and sacrifice. When Marlene returns to her reality in acts 2 and 3, her co-workers, family, and acquaintances are all reminiscent of these dinner guests. Churchill’s witty dialogue leaves the audience simultaneously laughing and gasping at the ridiculous horror of Marlene’s reality as a “Top Girl.”

7:30 PM Start

Directed by Julie Kiernan. Prelude conversation December 5 at 6:30 pm.


Sophia Gordon Ctr for Creative and Performing Arts
352 Lafayette St, Salem

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