Puppet Showplace Theater

The Sound of Imagination: The Gottabees' Guide to Musical Collaboration

January 23, 2017, 6:30 PM
Puppet Showplace Theater

A puppet workshop with The Gottabees!

Official Description

Puppeteers and musicians each speak their own creative and technical languages. How do they communicate? Learn how The Gottabees (Puppet Showplace Incubator artists) discovered the secrets of sonic success in this unique, interactive clinic featuring composers Brendan Burns & Tony Leva with puppeteer Bonnie Duncan and director Dan Milstein.

We’ll step through the lessons learned from multiple internationally-touring puppet productions. Along the way, we’ll explore what makes music and sound design theatrically powerful, while identifying terminology that enables collaborators to express their creative intent. We’ll also cover business basics: pitching a project, finding and hiring the right collaborators, rights and royalties, fee structures, and budgeting for recording costs. Participants will have an opportunity to see collaboration in action, pitch their own projects, and share observations and questions.

This interactive clinic is recommended for musicians, composers, sound designers, and theater artists of any discipline who are interested in musical collaboration.


  • Free


Puppet Showplace Theater
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