Punctuate4 Productions, Inc

Saltonstall's Trial: The Salem Witch Trials' Untold Story

October 17—27, 2019
Larcom Theatre

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Official Description

Salem, 1692: fear grips the community, as accusations of witchcraft spread like wildfire. Only one judge will have the courage to stand for truth before scores of innocent victims are sent to their deaths. Based on the true story, Saltonstall recounts how this remarkable man stood alone for the accused, despite the risks to himself and his family.

7:30 PM Start

Punctuate4 Productions presents the new play, Saltonstall's Trial, The Salem witch trials' untold story. Led by NORTON and IRNE award-winning Boston actor, Benjamin Evett, the play is an original work, based on a true story. It is the perfect example of entertainment and thought-provoking conversation. It is a story of courage, love, and family. Our founding fathers’ values have come to be defined by the Salem witch trials. Even today, the term witch hunt is part of our public dialogue. It is a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with moments of lightness and laughter. A story of courage, love, and the pursuit of truth.

Joined by Boston radio personality, Christopher Lydon, and Hollywood and London actor, Hal Scardino, (Indian in the Cupboard, Marvins's Room, Searching for Bobby Fischer), this compelling cast is directed by award-winning actress, Myriam Cyr with a play co-written my Michael Cormier and Myriam Cyr.

Presented in the beautiful, historic Larcom Theatre in Beverly, MA (just a 7 minute walk from the train station), most performances will also be followed by a post show conversation with notable experts in the fields of colonial history, witch trials, American history, etc. These include authors, Emerson "Tad" Baker, and Marilynne Roach, historians, Richard Trask, Dan Howlett and Charlie Newhall, museum personnel Dan Lipcan (PEM) and Rachel Christ (Salem Witch Museum) along with Boston Radio personality Candy O'Terry. A special Descendants' Day performance is scheduled for Sunday, October 20.

The cast includes:

Nathaniel Saltonstall Benjamin Evett (AEA) Rev. John Ward (alternating) Christopher Lydon Rev. John Ward (alternating) Martin Brother Elizabeth Saltonstall, Sr. Sarah Carlin Elizabeth Saltonstall, Jr Shawna Ciampa Rev. Rowland Cotton Hal Scardino Constable Ayer Dan Bruns Rev. Nicholas Noyes Steven Sacks John Hathorne (Judge) Bobby Kerrigan William Stoughton (Judge) Phil Thompson Bridget Bishop Carol Goans Goody Cooper Pamela Battin-Sacks Goody Quinn Laura Dike Gaoler Noah Greenstein Deliverance Hobbs Barbara Bourgeois Sarah Good Verjana Abazaj Stand-in, Ben, Ensemble Les Tarmy Ensemble Evangeline Adelman Ensemble Catherine Minnetyan Ferryman Cliff Dike Goodman Shattuck Cliff Dike Goodman Gray Dan Bruns Goodman Bly Les Tarmy Goodman Page John Archer


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Larcom Theatre
13 Wallis St, Beverly

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