Le Laboratoire Cambridge

Ben Houge / Food Opera: Exploring Audiogustatory Correspondences

November 30, 2016, 6:00 PM
Le Laboratoire Cambridge

Food. Opera. Need I say more?

Official Description

Ben Houge will present his concept of “food opera,” a new genre for multisensory expression that seeks to connect diners in unexpected ways. As part of the presentation, he will share music designed to pair with a cocktail created and exclusively offered for sale at this talk by Cafe ArtScience's award winning bartender Todd Maul.

Ben Houge is an artist working at the intersection of music composition, digital art, video games, performance, and gastronomy. In recent years, he has been developing a series of multisensory dining experiences he calls “food operas,” drawing on recent technological advances to achieve an unprecedentedly close pairing of music with a meal. He has collaborated with chefs including Jason Bond of Bondir in Cambridge and Jozef Youssef of Kitchen Theory in London, in addition to presenting his work at academic conferences, at institutions such as Oxford, Harvard, and MIT, and to R&D teams at some of the world’s leading restaurants, including the Fat Duck and Mugaritz.


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