Grand Harmonie

On Behalf of a Madman

April 27—28, 2018
Center for Arts at the Armory

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When footage from a West Wing staff party is leaked to a major news channel, the president is on the warpath looking for a culprit. Staffers scheme and second-guess each other amidst the misleading headlines, and politicians exploit the turmoil for their own ends. Sound familiar? Mozart, Haydn, Rossini, and Donizetti would have thought so. This brand-new opera, woven together from 18th and 19th century plots with new dialogue, will make you see today’s politics from a totally new vantage point. Directed by Julia Mintzer with an original script by Charles Ogilvie, On Behalf of a Madman will feature Classical and Romantic arias arranged for Harmonie band by Grand Harmonie co-founder Yoni Kahn, conducted by Geoffrey McDonald.


  • $15-$30


Center for Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Avenue, Somerville