Ensemble Origo

Pater, Peccavi: Saints and Sinners in the Low Countries

February 3, 2017, 8:00 PM
Old South Church

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Connecticut-based Ensemble Origo brings a fascinating program to Old South Church.

Official Description

Renaissance sacred music often evokes feelings of piety and saintliness, but many of its composers also crafted songs with texts that are anything but pious. Taking advantage of the new medium of music printing and new humanistic approaches to the chanson, in the 16th century composers from the Low Countries brought their distinctive compositional approach — in which all voice parts move continuously, contain few rests, and are linked by imitation — to bear on such sinful topics as overindulgence in drink and illicit sex. Ensemble Origo performs a selection of these chansons by Clemens, Crecquillon, Gombert, Lupi, Rore, and Willaert alongside motets in honor of All Saints, Saint Cecilia, and the Virgin Mary. Poignant works expressing regret or asking for forgiveness are also on the program, which concludes with the stunning eight-voice setting of Pater, peccavi, attributed to Clemens non papa and Thomas Crecquillon. Pre-concert talk at 7:30pm.


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Old South Church
645 Boylston Street, Boston