En la ardiente oscuridad

September 6—8, 2019
Black Box at the Mosesian Center for the Arts

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What happens when one person seeks to undermine a community? Based on Antonio Buero Vallejo's 1947 play, En la ardiente oscuridad follows a turbulent conflict within a school for the blind. Don Pablo and Doña Pepita run their prestigious school on an encouraging philosophy: blind students can achieve anything that the sighted can achieve. New student Ignacio struggles to accept his blindness, and builds up a following who join him in defiance against Don Pablo and Doña Pepita's teachings. As this ideological "war" threatens to tear the institution apart, desperate measures are taken - but can there really be any victors in war? Featuring an imaginative new score by Boston singer/composer Omar Najmi.


  • $25


Black Box at the Mosesian Center for the Arts
321 Arsenal Street, Watertown