Collage New Music

POSTPONED: Concert III: From Inside to Out, Secreted and Revealed

March 29, 2020, 8:00 PM
Pickman Hall at Longy School of Music

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Four composers new to Collage concerts and one familiar voice bring our 19-20 season to a close. At opposite ends of the program, Anne Callaway’s Devachan opens with fire and winds its way to an evocation of mystery, while David Froom’s Hidden Motives begins ferociously, but uncovers a very different path to an unsettled close. Catch, by the renowned British composer Thomas Adès, captures a different spirit, a theatrical game at once jovial and serious, the quartet members vascillating in their interrelationships.

Marjorie Merryman’s beautiful Four Images (the first movement of the then incomplete work was heard several seasons ago on a CNM concert) casts the solo cello in a highly flexible mold, first, fluidly Bach-like, then ethereal, then ebullient, and finally poignantly reflective. Brian Sears, Collage’s Fellow for the season and currently a graduate student at Brandeis University, frequently composes music in which technological create immersive sonic environments. As of now, we don’t know what his new work for Collage will bring, but we look forward to finding out!

Anne Callaway: Devachan (1992)
first Boston performance
Brian Sears: VOID (2020)
world premiere, Collage New Music 2019-20 Fellow
Thomas Adès: Catch (1991)
Marjorie Merryman: Four Images, for solo cello (2016)
first Boston performance
David Froom: Hidden Motives (2018)
first Boston performance


Pickman Hall at Longy School of Music
27 Garden Street, Cambridge