Commonwealth Shakespeare Company


February 27—March 10, 2019
Carling-Sorenson Theater

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In a Philadelphia suburb before World War II, Birdy, a very smart but odd young man, spends his time collecting pigeons and canaries for his aviary. His best friend, Al, has more earthy interests like sports and girls, but is attracted to Birdy’s eccentricity, intelligence and commitment to his birds. But after both young men return from the war, they are forced to deal with the trauma of their experiences, both physical and psychological.

Birdy examines the effects of war on young lives, a topic that is just as relevant to today as it was decades ago. The story also offers hope: in the possibility of powerful friendships to heal the psychological wounds of war after the physical wounds have healed.


Carling-Sorenson Theater
Babson College 231 Forest Street, Wellesley

Heather Darrow