Food Opera + Boston Symphony Orchestra

Cena concertante alla maniera di Vivaldi

January 5—7, 2017
Symphony Hall

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A food opera at Symphony Hall!

Official Description

Cena concertante alla maniera di Vivaldi: a Vivaldi-inspired dinner with custom music pairings is a four-course pre-concert dinner with customized music pairings. Diners will be enveloped in sound from an array of custom speakers and a choir of over fifty iPads distributed throughout the room. This innovative reimagining of Vivaldi's timeless music employs real-time music technology to achieve an unprecedentedly close synchronization of music with a meal, enhancing the enjoyment of both. Linking sound to other senses provides new insights into the workings of Vivaldi's genius while offering a rare turn in the spotlight for the inimitable charm of the piccolo.

Ben Houge and Jutta Friedrichs have been presenting multisensory dining experiences called "food operas" internationally since 2010. For more information on this unique, immersive format, visit their website.


  • $114–$149


Symphony Hall
301 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston