Boston Lyric Opera

Fellow Travelers

November 13—17, 2019
Emerson Paramount Center

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Amidst a backdrop of 1950s paranoia in Washington, D.C., two men are swept into a passionate love affair, just as Senator McCarthy ratchets up his hunt for “sexual subversives” in the government. Based on the best-selling book by Thomas Mallon, FELLOW TRAVELERS is both a story of the heart and a taut political thriller, creating an instant contemporary classic.

Featuring Jesse Darden, Jesse Blumberg, Chelsea Basler, Vincent Turregano, David McFerrin, James Maddalena, Michelle Trainor, and Simon Dyer

Conductor Emily Senturia

Stage Director Peter Rothstein

Set Designer Sara Brown

Costume Designer Trevor Bowen

Lighting Designer Mary Shabatura

FELLOW TRAVELERS was originally developed and co-commissioned by G. Sterling Zinsmeyer & Cincinnati Opera

Original production directed by Kevin Newbury


Emerson Paramount Center
559 Washington Street, Boston