Boston Camerata

Puer Natus Est: A Medieval Christmas

December 4, 2016, 3:00 PM
Old South Church

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A glimpse of Christmas spirituality from Medieval France, Italy, England, and Provence.

Official Description

Mystical music of the church and songs of private devotion highlight the joyous theme of the Nativity. Included are songs to the Virgin Mary, processionals from Saint Martial of Limoges, hymns, lyrics, and miracle ballads sung in Latin, Old French, Old Provençal, and Saxon, interlaced with Medieval English texts of the Nativity. Our cast features an extraordinary trio of women’s voices with harp and vielle.

Anne Azéma, Camila Parias, Deborah Rentz-Moore, voices
Christa Patton, winds, harp
Jacob Mariani, vielle, guittern


  • $25–$55


Old South Church
645 Boylston Street, Boston