Bluebeard's Castle

October 18—19, 2019
51 Walden Performing Arts Center

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The Concord Orchestra presents a concert performance of Bartók’s "Bluebeard’s Castle". The opera is based on a haunting 17th century story, set in a gloomy medieval castle. Bluebeard’s new wife wants to learn more about her mysterious husband by exploring his forbidding castle. Ignoring his protests, she opens its seven locked doors, revealing dark secrets her husband wants to hide. Composed when Bartok was thirty years old, the music is influenced by Debussy, Strauss and Hungarian folk music. David Kravitz and Sarah Pelletier perform the roles of Duke Bluebeard and his wife Judith. The opera will be sung in English. In addition to the Bartok, the orchestra will perform Haydn's Symphony No. 82, "The Bear."


  • $10-$30


51 Walden Performing Arts Center
51 Walden Street, Concord