See You Yesterday

May 16—19, 2019
Emerson Paramount Center

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“This work is unbelievable...incredible in depth and beauty.”
— The Cambodia Daily

Official Description

On the heels of the sold-out performances of last season’s Bangsokol comes our latest collaboration with Cambodian Living Arts. Artists from US-based Global Arts Corps and Cambodia’s Phare Ponleu Selpak have created this visually stunning US premiere. Nineteen Cambodian circus artists utilize their skills in physical theatre to shatter a legacy of silence. Comprised of second-generation survivors of the Khmer Rouge genocide, See You Yesterday explores the fragmented memory of recent Cambodian history, unpacking the long shadow of a genocidal regime as they attempt to forgive the past in order to survive the future.


  • $20+


Emerson Paramount Center
559 Washington Street, Boston