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Apollinaire at Home

April 16—December 31, 2020
Apollinaire Theatre Company - Zoom

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Apollinaire Theatre is excited to invite you to join us for Apollinaire at Home, a free online play & film script reading gathering!

Apollinaire at Home is hosted by your Apollinaire favorites, and the cast includes You!!

Readings will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 7:30, and Sunday "matinee" at 3:00.

We'll post the schedule for each week at the beginning of the week on our homepage: www.apollinairetheatre.com

Here's how it works:

Getting Ready:

• Click the name of the Play/Movie on our homepage to get a link to the script.

To read the script you can

- download and print it, or

- read it on a separate phone/ipad/computer, or

- if your screen permits, you can be in the video conference and read it on the same screen.

The Event Begins:

• Log-in to the meeting, by clicking the date of the meeting on our homepage.

• We will start to gather online in the video meeting room at 7:00pm. (2:30 Sunday)

-- We would normally provide refreshments, but since Zoom doesn't give us the option to hand you a glass of wine, we suggest having your own snacks and drinks at the ready.

• When you join, please click the chat button and let us know if you are interested in reading a major role, smaller role, or being part of the audience.

• At 7:30 (3:00 Sunday) sharp we'll draw names, you'll pick your role, and we'll read!

• Following the reading, we'll stay on line for a half hour for folks who'd like to discuss the play/film.

Looking forward to reading with you!!


Apollinaire Theatre Company - Zoom
http://www.apollinairetheatre.com/, Chelsea

Michael Dello Iacono