Actors' Shakespeare Project

Bright Half Life

January 23—February 16, 2020
Plaza Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts

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Official Description

Two women meet and we see the entirety of their relationship from beginning to end spanning forty years. …a sixty-five-minute chronicle of a deeply committed lesbian relationship, is contemporary as a play could be but the theme is classic and timeless. Legal gay marriage has occupied merely a nanosecond of our existence, but the presentation of the highs and lows of coupledom, as exampled in this piece, defy the ages.” —The Huffington Post. “This well-written portrayal of smart women finding, losing, and finding themselves and each other again, is profound…past, present, and future are contained in each moment, and every one of them feels full.”


Plaza Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts
539 Tremont Street, Boston