Ernest Shackleton Loves Me

September 25—26, 2015

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An exciting new musical being presented by ArtsEmerson.

Official Description

Kat is a stressed-out single mom trying to make it as a working artist. After her son��s absentee father takes off on tour with a Journey cover band, Kat is fired from her day job as a video game composer and stays up for 36 hours straight. On an insomnia induced whim, she logs onto a dating website where she is contacted by none other than the legendary arctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton! Drawn to Kat��s innovative musical compositions, Shackleton invites her to join him on an Antarctic quest. Together, the two embark on Shackleton's famous 1914 expedition, facing epic trials and tribulations as they conquer new horizons and forge a cross-time love affair for the ages.

Featuring the fiercely talented electro violinist Valerie Vigoda, tongue-in-cheek script and a dazzling multimedia set,��Ernest Shackleton Loves Me��is a new, geeky, high-tech musical adventure about how a little strength and determination can help us overcome any odds.


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