About the Calendar

The idea

Our goal with the calendar is to make it easier to showcase the events our members are involved in, which will make it easier for other members to find and attend those events. Simple.

Most event listings say who is hosting/organizing and who is attending...but that doesn't really capture your connection to an event if you're playing in the orchestra, acting on stage, working the box office, volunteering to hand out programs, sitting on the board of directors, etc. You're doing more than attending, but you aren't necessarily the organizer.

The Opus Affair calendar aims to fill the gap between attending and organizing by letting members say if they are involved in an event. Everything else flows from there.

Five things to do:

1. Make a profile

Use your bio to tell us about yourself and your involvement in the arts scene. (And while you're at it, make sure your profile is set to be public, so we can all get to know you.)

2. Show your involvement

Look on the calendar for events you are connected to, then choose the option to let us know if you are involved, attending, or interested. We've left "involvement" as an open-ended term. If you are performing, exhibiting, designing, advising, staffing, volunteering, funding, or any manner of thing that connects you to the event in a way that could be described as "more than attending", then you are probably "involved." It's your call.

3. Suggest events

If you're involved in something that you think should be on the calendar, tell us about it. There's a big green plus sign at the top of the calendar that you can click on to suggest an event. Or you can click here.

4. Follow people

When you follow a person, any events that person becomes connected to (involved, attending, or interested) will factor into the events we recommend for you, so follow anyone who's event connections you want to keep tabs on.

5. Discover events

Once you've gotten connected to some events and started following a few people, then the "Recommended for me" section on the calendar starts to get really interesting. The more connected you are to an event, through the people you follow or the events you're involved in, the higher up an event will appear on the list. You can also check out "Popular with members" to see the events that have lots of member involvement, whether you're following them or not.