About Opus Affair

We want to help you connect with arts and culture—and other people

About once a month, our hosts pick a bar, restaurant, or other relaxed space and open an invitation to anyone in the area with an interest in arts and culture. No credentials required.

Some people come to Opus Affair socials for professional networking, others to brainstorm with fellow creatives, and some folks come just to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. There’s no agenda. Just a chance to connect with other people sharing an interest in arts and culture.

Membership is free and open to anyone. Create a brief profile to introduce yourself to the group and you’re all set.

Become a member

If you represent an organization, we can help you with your own community.

Our Community

Meeting people offline is at the heart of Opus Affair, but we have an online community, too. Look through our people page to get to know other members and see what arts events they're involved in.

Be sure to update your own profile and show what events you're involved in, so we can get to know you, learn more about the arts events you're connected to, and recognize you at the next Opus Affair.

Follow other members, if you want to keep tabs on the events those members involved in. We'll update the recommended events on our calendar to highlight events that involve the people you follow.

Our Calendar

Opus Affair members are involved in a huge range of activities, as artists, performers, administrators, and supporters of the arts. Our calendar is a place to showcase those events, along with other events we think might be of interest to our members.

We gather events in two ways: by proactively curating a collection of events and by asking our members to suggest events. If you are involved or interested in an event that you think should be on our calendar, please suggest it.

Just like you might have a conversation at an Opus Affair with a violinist to hear about what concerts she’s playing in, you can follow Opus Affair members on our website and discover events they are involved in. Explore our people page, follow some members, then see how your event recommendations evolve.